The Site

With an experiential wingspan that rivals even the most seasoned of eagles, a mysterious woman dips her feather in ink and writes to explain and enlighten. Painting her lips a saffron red, she sets out to tackle various topics on health, society, beauty, style and life.

Enigmatic yet focused, the glow of her aura is much akin to the spice, saffron.  Not because of its notoriety as the most expensive spice in the world or its reputation as the temptress of virgins, but because of its versatility and temperament.

Saffron is sophisticated yet adaptable. Its use in the culinary arts (for both sweet and savory dishes), cosmetics (to impart a warm glow to the skin and exude warm sensuality in perfume), textiles (as an exquisite dye), and medicine (as an antioxidant and anti-depressant) demonstrates the flexibility of a spice that has been wrapped with mysterious elegance through the ages.

Saffroned is a testament to the awe-inspiring qualities that its namesake carries, striving to turn otherwise normal topics into a refined celebration of life that still exudes the vibe of Shalimar – the Lover’s Abode.